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Online AduAyam


There are severalonline websites which offer exciting cockfight.AduAyam is an Indonesian word which means cockfight. Now a day’s online cockfight is getting popularity among gambling lover due to the evolution of the internet. It is a killing game between two hefty cocks which is generally called rooster. Generally, people make bet on the winner of the battle and the game is on till then one of the roosters would not die. To make this battle more intense and brutal a piquantknife which is called as gaffs id being fixed to the rooster leg, it is of 3 and 1/2 inch long. Rooster is being aroused to the fight and the fight mostly endsuntil one of the chickens would not die.

 Term & condition of cockfighting

There is numerous website which allows cockfight gambling online. Each platform has its own norm and protocol. For example, SCR99 and capsa susun online uang asli is a platform which allows cockfight betting online. These are two terms on this website which should be known to the player. There are BDD and FTD, where BDD stands for both dead draw and FTD means full-time draw. In BDD, both the cock die and the bait money is not refundable in this case, whereas only two bet meronis refundable.IN FTD, both the cockare still alive after the fight and after 10 minutes the countdown starts and if it comes on odd 1:88 then it is counted as loss for the player.

adu ayam s128

Type of channel offered

Online gambling website has this facility that they provide a convenient interface to the player. If a person wants to play the game at mobile, he can play otherwise there is a desktop option as well. There is some slit difference between mobile mode and desktop mode. Well,the mobile mode is a little simpler thandesktop mode. This kind of online gambling website has a home page where all the necessary information such as rule of the game, how to deposit money, how to withdraw money, about the bonus, the legacy of the platform and much more information is given on the website. When you will click on the website customer care executive will be always there to guide you. There is website agent as well who will help you through the whole streaming process.


Cockfighting is not so legal in almost every country of the world; most importantly Europe and USA abstain from cockfighting. The Philippinesare a country which allows cockfighting throughout the country and their cockfighting is gambling based and this kind of country also seesgambling as a revenue generator. Online cockfighting gambling is becoming very popular among the different communities of the world. Online you can bet on hefty chicken and you also not have to go anywhere, everything will happen on one click over the mobile but you need to have an account on that specific website.

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