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Save Me a Slot

            Most cities are the loudest at night and especially during weekends. It is where friends go out to either drink, spend some cash on the littlest and cheapest of things to that of the grandest and most addicting ones such as สล็อต which are, as we know it, still very much alive in different countries all over the world. These have given a huge impact as to how our society thinks of casinos and how one can be totally hooked with and attached to this form of recreation once they start engaging with it.

            We often connotate and relate สล็อต with casinos which in turn are related to gambling. It is definitely where people tend to get hooked with playing and spending their money on. Slot machines, may it either be land-based or online, can definitely have the same effect on people using it. Those who have been an avid user of slot machines and even those who are just starting to show interest with the intriguing and thrilling mystery as to how to win in one are both hooked by the power of slot machines. With this let us therefore look at and discover how slot machines came to be where it is right now.

            As we all know it, สล็อต are the most popular casino games ever made, may it be online or land-based. In the present time, we know that there are definitely over a thousand games to choose from. But before slot machines came to be popular and many as they are now, the first slot machine was made back in 1887 by Sittman and Pitt and it was then coined as a “Poker Machine”. It was not later than 1891 when the second type of slot machine was made by Charles August Fey, who is known as the inventor of the first ever slot machine. It was called the “Liberty Bell” and it was known to be the first slot machine to have an automatic payout. Fast forward to the 20th century, the first fruit machine was given birth by its inventor Herbert Mills and it was called as the “Operator Bell”. After the Operator Bell, it took almost 60 years for the next kind of slot machine to rise and be known by people. The first electromechanical slot was made in the 1960’s by Bally and it was known as the “Money Honey”. It is said to be electromechanical since the reels were entirely operated by electricity but the game is, of course, still started by pulling the lever, which also makes it have a traditional feel and sense to it. After this, it was in 1976 that the first true video slot called “Fortune Coin” was released by Fortune Coin Co. This game was known to use a modified 19-inch Sony TV for its display and became hugely popular in the Las Vegas Strip.

            Throughout the years, สล็อต have continued making an impact and a hold on its users both old and new. With the unending and continuously developing technology that more and more people are able to use almost without limits, it is inevitable for slot machines to grow more and more creative, unusual, and techy as well.

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